Spear Talk Podcast

Spear Talk Podcast
Episode: 137
  Jan 12, 2023   3453

Brock Bevell

For episode 137, we welcomed Brock Bevell to the show! Brock Bevell is a retired Police Officer who was run over on duty and ultimately retired from the injuries. As a coping mechanism, to deal with the pain, he was prescribed opioids which sent him into a downward spiral. Brock did prevail in his battle with addiction. He is the co-founder of Victory Recovery (AZ) which provides addiction and mental health services and is currently at the forefront of bringing awareness to the current fentanyl crisis in America. Brock is also host of the Chase the Vase podcast on all platforms!

In our discussion we covered his mental state when he was forced to retire after his on-the-job injuries, his battle with addiction, the difficulty of raising kids today, why there is a stigma when it comes to asking for help, why no one cares about the fentanyl epidemic, his work in Arizona with Victory Recovery, and so much more.

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