The Dean Blundell Show

The Dean Blundell Show
Episode: 679
  Apr 12, 2022   7001

BUCHA Massacre/Chemical Weapons/Inventiveness Of Ukraine With Alex Dayrabekov, Doug Ford Is A Lying Fuck & To Mask Or Not To Mask

Alex is in #Ukraine documenting war crimes, feeding bomb shelters, and taking care of his family while dodging cruise missiles. We talked about the inventiveness of Ukrainians, the BUCHA massacre aftermath, and the renewed Russian aggression against eastern Ukraine. #Putin used chemical weapons yesterday because he's a huge pussy. Alex tells us how they are using mobile phones to take out Russian generals/assholes.

Alex's son, Arthur, turned two months old under the cloud of war and the kid is a STAR!

Ontario Premier Doug Ford is a lying fuck. He lied about infection rates, lied about masking, lied about testing and now he's lying to people getting sick at a rate of 125k a day with Stealth Omicron. We show you how he's able to lie so much and how many people around him love lying too. They don't care if you die btw.

To mask or not to mask? Lochlin has some concerns about his breath.