The Dean Blundell Show

The Dean Blundell Show
Episode: 734
  Jun 20, 2022   8199

Caryma Got Attacked By A Couple Of Freedumb Bros In Toronto, Fathers Day Is A Bogus Holiday & Monkeypox Sex Guidelines

Welcome to MONDAY, you beautiful humans.

We review our prospective father's days. Pro Tip. Father's day is a rouse.

@CarymaRules joins us today to talk about why she keeps getting attacked by men.

Fresh of Doug Ford arresting her for her political comics, Caryma and her Cameraman were attacked by some freedom dorks in Toronto yesterday. The video is wild and no, she's not OK. We're here to cheer her up and find the asshole in the douchebag chinstrap beard who punched her and stole her scooter.

The CDC released their Monkeypox SEX GUIDELINES. Guidelines to safe sex for those with monkeypox. Does anyone else think we should be putting out guidelines for dealing with it before we put out guidelines on how to have sex with Monkeypox?