The Dean Blundell Show

The Dean Blundell Show
Episode: 688
  Apr 27, 2022   7847

Caryma Is Headed To #Rolling Thunder, We Expose Canadian AntiHate Network With Mark Bourie & The World Is Sending Heavy Metal Into Ukraine With Army Kris

With #HonkeyCon coming to #Ottawa this weekend, Caryma is packing her bags and GoPro cameras! #RollingThunder is a biker protest hoping to generate revenue for cocks like Chris Sky who happens to be the keynote speaker for this hillbilly disco!!!

- What are they protesting?

- Why is Chris Sky there if this is about veterans?

- What will the Teeth/Hillbilly ratio be?

The Canadian AntiHate Network is in trouble for creating false flag hate. They took great pride in trying to Ruin Caryma and

Best-selling author, journalist, and constitutional Lawyer, Mark Bourrie tags in from #Ottawa to discuss who and what the Canadian Anti hate network REALLY is.

The world is sending Heavy metal into Ukraine after 63 days of the war. @TheArmyKris, a 25-year combat veteran has the details of what kind of HARDCORE equipment Ukrainians will be using to fist Putler.