The Dean Blundell Show

The Dean Blundell Show
Episode: 623
  Feb 02, 2022   6722

Caryma Is Live From Ottawa, Brian Flores Sues The NFL/Giants/Dolphins/Broncos, Flores Also Offered 100K To Lose Games By Owner, Bondzee Is Off To South America

#Caryma is still in #ottawa for the #FluTruxKlan rally. Cops are now feeding protestors and the 90% are fighting back. The videos are wild.

Rookie stops by to breakdown the newest NFL controversy with #BrianFlores. Flores is suing the NFL for racism in the hiring process and was offered 100k for every game he lost by his boss, Dolphins owner Stephen Ross and it's NUCLEAR.

#Bondzee is back and off to South America!