The Dean Blundell Show

The Dean Blundell Show
Episode: 699
  Apr 29, 2022   7689

Caryma Live From Rolling Thunder In Ottawa, The NFL Draft With Ray Reuth & The Boys Are Going To A Jays Game

#RollingThunder starts today and Christ-filled Rednecks from around Canada (Alberta and Quebec, mostly) are pretending to be bikers and veterans protesting for Veterans this weekend.

They are not bikers or veterans. They are delusional religious extremists and assholes looking to hang Justin Trudeau. They also want to cash in on the victim industry in this country which is a THRIVING industry.

@CarymaRules takes us for a walk through the exclusion zone and brings up to speed on her findings and sets the table for the Qanon outdoor BBQ this weekend in #Ottawa.

Protestors are being targeted by people who think they are ANTIFA and the video is wild.

The #FuckTrudeau flags are coming down in Edmonton, Lochlin has a full report.

What would possibly get ANYONE banned from E-Sports forever? We have that answer in video form.