The Dean Blundell Show

The Dean Blundell Show
Episode: 718
  May 27, 2022   7055

Caryma Sa’d Discusses Getting Arrested By Doug Ford, The Government F*cks Us Again With Internet Rates & The Oilers Are Off To Their First Western Conference Finals

Being friends with Caryma Sa'd is FUCKING INCREDIBLE. Not only are she and her cameraman a blast to do dinner and a Jays game with, but she's the kindest lightning rod you'll ever meet.

After two years of simply documenting the dumbest people in this country at freedom rallies, Caryma set her sights on documenting Ontario political rallies. She does them all. Except for Premier Doug Ford's rallies. She's been banned from those for her political cartoons and advocacy against another 4 years of Ford Governance. Peacefully, with academic brilliance.

Yesterday, Premier Ford had her arrested after he invited and accepted her RSVP to his rally in Hamilton. Brutally arrested I may add because he fucking HATES her. Doug Ford sanctions political violence against dissenting opinions. It's happened 3 times in less than 10 days and yesterday's kettling of a quiet, kind critic of Doug ford was intentionally injured by Doug Ford. For real. Caryma recounts the story of her humiliating arrest and what this means for political free speech in Ontario.

While you were sleeping, Trudeau minted Bell and Rogers to continue to fuck over Canadian's EGREGIOUS internet/wireless rates. Peter Nowak from Teksavvy and Professor Michael Geist drop in to discuss WHY the Trudeau government won't fight for Canadians when it comes to Telco's bending us over and how Trudeau spun Bell and Rogers's good fortune.

The Oilers are off to their first Western Conference finals in a million years because Connor McDavid is an alien. Lochlin's in Edmonchuck and not only is he predictable a Cup Final but he thinks Matthews wants to be traded to the Middle Earth which is a lie. That didn;t stop him from making Auston Matthews Trade trend, sending Leaf Nation into a coma.