The Dean Blundell Show

The Dean Blundell Show
Episode: 818
  Nov 07, 2022   7688

Caryma Sa’d, Robert Kivlichan: Elon has lost his mind, Doug Ford lost, Bruins VS Mitchell Miller

Welcome back! It's MONDAY and EVERYTHING is happening. 

#ElonMusk used his EGO like a sledgehammer when he took over Twitter last week, and HOLY SHIT. 

We detail everything from his first week as the sole owner of Twitter:

- How many subs have fled

- Ad revenue total losses

- begging employees he fired to come back this week and a new rash of Engineers quitting this week due to "Unsafe Work Place Issues."

- Elon started banning accounts that impersonated him last night and promises more

- posted more Nazi imagery today

- endorsed republicans during the midterms

- made a series of cheesy masturbation jokes


Ontario Premier Doug Ford stripped fundamental human rights from school janitors and EAs last week, and today he decided he was sorry because of the threat of a #GeneralStrike

We talk to Caryma Sa'd about what #DougFord is trying to do by "busting unions' and who stood to benefit from stripping workers of their rights. We also relive the worst press conference you'll ever see, where #Dougie lied for 20 minutes while suspending the reality that #Ontario is a #leptocracy.

And the #BostonBruins are in DEEEEEEP shit. A day after signing legendary r#acist hockey bully #MitchellMiller, they released the kid due to the public outrage from #CamNeely signing him.

We talked about the signing, and when you know, men are done paying for the mistakes they made as kids. And Mitchell was the fucking WORST.