The Dean Blundell Show

The Dean Blundell Show
  Jan 02, 2023   6537

Christmas Break, Divorce Christmas, New Year New Me, Alex From Ukraine

We're back with a post-holiday warm-up show! And we brought Alex from Ukraine with us!

XMAS and NY under the banner of war. Alex talks about the last month, sending his family away, Xmas eve/NYE in the dark wile Russia pounds Ukrainian infrastructure. What's it like for a first-world country to be at war at Christmas?

Ukraine struck a school PACKED with Russian soldiers with a brand spanking new NIMARS system, and the story is INSANE.

We talked about Greta Thunberg's takedown of The Manchurian Douchebag Andrew Tate and who's behind his made-for social media character (Peter Thiel and Glenn Greenwald) and the farce of the Alpha Male Industry.

We also touched on everyone's Xmas, including Ryan Lindley, who forced a steady stream of embarrassing food video's down our throats, and how Lochlin plans to switch up his weird drunk Yoga in the new years.