YWC Football Talk

YWC Football Talk
  May 25, 2021  

Cresting (Featuring Amy Caruso)

In this episode, the Eager Beaver and Mr. Grizzly present a cross-Canada COVID update; we’ll chat about all kinds of men behaving badly, following yet more recent sexual impropriety allegations in the Canadian Armed Forces; and we’ll gloat about the Conservatives’ grift on Bill C-10 coming to a rather embarrassing end.

We will also have a deeper discussion about whether Conservative leadership is bad for our health.

This week, the Beaver Lodge interview guest is community builder Amy Caruso, founder and CEO of The Mental Health Gala, being held in Ottawa, and online, Saturday, May 29th.

For more info: https://thementalhealthgala.com/

We will speak about anxiety, depression, her passion for community service, and the growing movement to de-stigmatize talking openly about, and proactively seeking care for, mental health.

And we’ll finish the show with a shout out to our patrons, listener feedback, and some important breaking COVID news.

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