The Dean Blundell Show

The Dean Blundell Show
Episode: 652
  Mar 16, 2022   9592

Cyber Security Expert Chris Vickery On Online Influence/Trolls &Craig Forrest On Russias Sports Ban & The Worst Radio Break Of All Time

Have you ever doom scrolled through thousands of shit posts and hate mail after congratulating someone on getting vaccinated? Wonder why 8000 religious extremists and white supremacists tried to over through the #Canadian government with fake #truckers? Wonder why certain politicians trade your security and peace of mind for a bullshit theocratic lie? one of the world's foremost Cyber Security experts, Chris Vickery, is here to tell you how it works, who's behind all of it and WHY.

Our friend Craig Forrest stops by to discuss Russias International sport-ban, Ukrainian footballers, and his FAVE kit.

Rookie and Ryan stop by and update us on the tournament of champions. We had a heater today with Chris Sky and Pat King.

The boys chat bad radio and we finally play the worst radio break of all time, Lochlin had to leave because it is someone from his company

The Jays made a massive signing and the Bills are buidling an outdoor stadium