Episode: 7
  Mar 31, 2020   01:39:15

Darrin Pfeiffer & Neuman Mannas

Since the 'Traveling Music Talk Show' no longer travels due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, Darryl now talks to his guests on the phone.  

This week, both are in California.  Darrin Pfeiffer, best known as the drummer from Goldfinger talks to Darryl about some of the amazing guests he's met through the Dangerous Darrin Show, his many, MANY musical projects and we play a song from his latest band The August Madness.  He also shares some great stories and insights for drummers.  

Then Neuman Mannas of The Matchstick Skeletons talks to Darryl about what he's done to ride out the pandemic, having just moved to L.A a few months ago.  It's perhaps the most Rock n Roll thing ever.