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The Dean Blundell Show
Episode: 822
  Nov 14, 2022   6791

David Wallace,: Jamie Sale, Doug Ford, Masks & Elon’s “Free Lunch”

Pediatric ICU units are 125% over capacity in Ontario, so Doug Ford kindly asked people to mask up. Well, he didn't really make his top "doctor," Kieran Moore, tell us Covid isn't bad; it's just flu season.

- Why won't Doug Ford mandate masks in schools?

- Why Kieran Moore is disregarding desperate PHA's and Hospital CEO's demand for mask mandates

- Who benefits and who loses.

Former conservative fixer and Ford insider David Wallace joins us to tell us who really owns Doug's decision-making and why.

Spenny from Kenny VS Spenny sent us a Tweet this morning, and Dean didn't believe it. Thomas Wedders still holds the record for the biggest nose in human history; I think Spenny sent it because Tom looks like he sewed a dick onto his face. And a new study has some great news for men with big noses - you also have the biggest wrenches.

Speaking of dick faces, former Olympian Jamie Sale probably murdered any chance she had at a normal life this weekend after mocking rape victims and Canada's military. First, she mocked Canadian soldiers and the war dead then begged them to rise up against the need to wear a mask. Then she compared getting vaccinated to being raped. No Bueno. We discuss Jamie's future employment options AFTER she gets out of the psych ward.