The Dean Blundell Show

The Dean Blundell Show
Episode: 825
  Nov 17, 2022   6808

David Wallace, Lochlin Cross, Jamies DiFiore, Colin Livingstone from Cantorque


Former conservative fixer David Wallace returns!

David says this is the final appearance in the media for some time before he goes into hiding.

Last week's whistleblowing of the Calgary mayor Nenshi/Russian bribe story went international and this week, his families lives are in danger according to him. David just put his family on a flight to South America and he wants to talk about the people who are allegedly threatening his life and the life of his family and how it relates back to a HUGE story in #Calgary concerning disgraced Calgary City Counsellor #SeanChu and new Mayor Jyoti #Gondek.


Colin Livingston from Cantorque joins us to talk about Lochlins' legendary cheapness and we do some team building with James DiFiore who Lochlin unblocked just this week. Are we friends again??