The Dean Blundell Show

The Dean Blundell Show
Episode: 619
  Jan 27, 2022   6767

Dean Blundell vs Theo Fleury #KarenKonvoy Continues, Mental Health W OLY Mercedes Nicholl & Pink Shirt Day W. James P. White

The #KarenKonvoy is winding through Ontario. AAANNND it's hilarious. a few hundred cars, a couple of trucks and A LOT of piss filled Gatorade bottles

#TheoFleury wants to take over Canada and thinks a nonexistent army of rednecks will help him do it.

#PinkShirtDay is coming up. James White talks about his efforts to reach kids and 4 x Olympic snowboarder, Mercedes Nicoll is helping talk about bullying and mental health. The Olympic COVID struggle for Beijing 2022.