The Dean Blundell Show

The Dean Blundell Show
Episode: 610
  Jan 12, 2022   5795

Dean Tests Positive For Covid Live On The Show, Ronald McDonald House Evicting Unvaxxed Families, Quebec Taxing The Vaxxed Going Well & Qrista Ford Wants To Tax Smokers/Obese

#COVID has touched our show. 2 of us have it, but who? We all take Covid tests and results will shock you.

#McDonalds took a BEATING today and we're here to defend Ronald and all the good work they do @RMH. Also, the bacon double cheeseburger is the BALLS.

#Quebecs #COVID #Tax is going over really well. Just kidding. BUT, everyone is getting vaccinated now so who gives a shit?

#KristaFord wants to tax fat smokers which should be concerning for half of her family.