The Dean Blundell Show

The Dean Blundell Show
Episode: 839
  Dec 13, 2022   6189

Dean With Caryma S’ad, Lochlin Cross and Ryan Lindley

Wassup, TUESDAY, you handsome son-of-a-bitch!

Our intrepid Gonzo reporter, #Caryma Sa'd, jumps in today to cover a couple of VERY important subjects.

1) Religious extremists and conservative hillbillies are trying to #BoycottBostonPizza after they protested a Drag show at the ubiquitous Canadian pizza chain location in Hamilton last weekend. Caryma covered it and found out she was 2) on a Hamilton Police watch list for being a brown journalist who creates political cartoons on the side. Yes, Hamilton Police have a race-baiting issue. Don't they all??

A young Christian woman is getting HUGE credit Because we're in the golden age of the "Online Evangelical Crusades" on social media, we look at a young lady's plea to other Christians to STOP masturbating because it's...Witchcraft. Is masturbation a form of which craft?? We break down both. Masturbation AND witchcraft.

With fast food altercations on the rise, we relive one of the best as a reminder to treat retail employees with kindness instead of trying to beat them up because they ran out of straws.