Spear Talk Podcast

Spear Talk Podcast
Episode: 91
  Jan 20, 2022   2781

DeNoris Mickle

For Spear Talk 91, we brought DeNoris Mickle to the show. DeNoris is the oner of Fit Culture By Deon, LCC (Charleston, SC), Nicole and Deno Photography, and a 20 year United States Air Force veteran. Deno was a Combat Photographer in the USAF, with tours in Kosovo, Iraq, Afganistan. His training includes S.E.R.E qualified and Battlefield Forensics Certified (DOD).

In our discussion we covered the correlation between fitness and photography, a break down of his fitness center culture (strength, positivity, empowerment), what drew him into photography, the training to become a combat photographer in the Air Force, how he deals with the affects of war through a lense, his relationship with the band Shinedown, and so much more!

 #combatphotographer #fitness

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