The Dean Blundell Show

The Dean Blundell Show
Episode: 713
  May 20, 2022   7804

Doug Ford Is In Deep Sh*t For Beating Up Nurses, Elon Musk Showed His Penis To A SpaceX Employee, John Daly Is Our Hero, Adam Ricard Quit Radio And Moved To Australlia & Monkey C*ck

#DougFord is in DEEEEEP shit. After dummying some nurses outside of a #political debate, his #security is under scrutiny for asking for permission to treat protestors as trespassers before the event. That means Doug Ford's security pre-planned the possible use of force that leads to the serious injury of a couple of nurses. The union repping the nurses retained some SERIOUS legal counsel and the entire game has changed for Doug Ford. We discuss!

#ElonMusk is trying to get ahead of a story about that time he offered to buy one of his flight attendants a horse if she sucked/jerked him off on a flight in 2018. This ne story/report comes days after Musk tweeted about how the 'crazy left' was going to author a series of hit pieces to take him down. The gazing part? Elon only tweeted about the dark movement to cancel him after The Verge, Business Insider and Forbes called him to check the veracity of the accusation. Turns out it's true - Musk made his flight attendant rub him down and offered her a horse for 'a little more'. She declined, Musk gave her 250k and now says it's fake news. It isn't.

When I'm 56 I hope I give as few shits as John Daly does. he's in the hunt at the PGA championship at 56 and you won't believe what he put in his body during his first round.

Broadcast professional/Dean's former colleague at The Edge, Adam Ricard drops by! Adam just up and quit a prestigious radio gig because he fucking hated it. He moved to Australia and has agreed to join We're stoked. He's stoked and he wants to tell some old-school Dean/Adma stories from a time when Radio was cool.