The Dean Blundell Show

The Dean Blundell Show
Episode: 714
  May 23, 2022   5943

Doug Ford Uses Bots To Fake Polling Numbers, The Beginning Of The End For Elon Musk, Connor McDavid Is A Cheat Code & Ryan Is A BBQ Pit Master

#DougFord is using #bots and fake polling like his hero, Donald Trump and it's working. We highlight how and why and introduce you to Chris Riddell. He's an #actor who answered a help wanted ad to pretend to be #Ford Supporters at Rallies for cash and chicken wings.

We're less than two weeks from #Ontario's provincial #election and Old #Dougie wants you to think he's not the braindead redneck Manchurian candidate he is.

#ElonMusk is trying to get ahead of a story about that time he offered to buy one of his flight attendants a horse if she sucked/jerked him off on a flight in 2018. Now, Elon is staffing a "Legal Assasin Department at Tesla and he promised 'here will be blood.' Is anyone else going to talk about his connection to Jeff #Epstein and how he mentored Musk in the Flight Attendant nude massage game? Anyone? @scotttrades from the HotWallet pod joins us to discuss. Are we seeing the beginning of the end of Elon Musk?

There's no way Connor McDavid isn't the best hockey player to ever play the game after last night's game 3 win over the Flames. 23 points in 10 playoff games, 3 ppg in the Flames series leading the Pilers to a 2-1 win and it's just INCREDIBLE TO WATCH. We check in with Lochling in Edmonton about the vibe in the city and his naked Yoga hockey watching routine.

Are we watching the best playoff performance ever? Are we witnessing history in Edmonton?

#Ryan went all gourmet on his Twitter account with a boujie soup recipe. Is he Gourmet or is he pretending to be gourmet for the clicks?