The Dean Blundell Show

The Dean Blundell Show
Episode: 634
  Feb 16, 2022   7100

Doug Ford’s Buddy Negotiated With FluTruxKlan, Dougie Is In Big Trouble, FluTruxKlan Is Over in 48 Hours & Ryan Imgrund On Is It Time To Lift Restrictions

#DougFord's buddy negotiated with the #FluTruxKlan and if this story is true, more than his job as premier is in jeopardy.

#Ryan Imgrund stops down to break down the science as to if we are ready to lift restrictions

#OttawaPolice are handing out notices to protestors to clear out in 48 hours or less. They plan on #Holding the line so this should be interesting!

#How to Identify Russian bots and Alt-right troll accounts. A walkthrough.

#FiresideChat with antivaxxers

People running away from COVID, Bondzee explains