Let's Take This Outside

Let's Take This Outside
Episode: 24
  Dec 20, 2022   2179

Dr. Joanna Young – Glaciology Expert and Environmental Educator

Dr. Joanna Young is an environmental educator with over a decade of experience leading backcountry expeditions for youth. She is the Director of Alaska Programs for Inspiring Girls Expeditions and a co-founder of the Girls on Ice Alaska program, which are unique, tuition-free expeditions for high school girls and gender-expansive youth that combine science, art, and outdoor exploration.

Joanna is also an expert in glaciology who studies how Alaska’s glaciers are losing mass in climate change, and how that impacts communities downstream. Altogether, Joanna's work has the unifying goal of using research and education as vehicles for social justice and inclusion towards environmental sustainability.


https://joannayoung.mystrikingly.com/ (Personal)

https://uaf-iarc.org/?directory_entry=joanna-young (Research)

https://www.inspiringgirls.org/joanna-young (Inspiring Girls Expeditions)

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