The Dean Blundell Show

The Dean Blundell Show
Episode: 682
  Apr 18, 2022   8753

Easter Monday/Virtue Signaling Catholics/Sing-Along Church Service On A Plane, Randy Hillier Is Shit Posting Ukraine From His Burner Account & Tucker Carlson’s ‘End Of Men’

We're back with our #Easter #Monday #holiday extravaganza! A LOT of bad people virtue signaled their religious bent this weekend ande Dean takes great pride in shitting on hypocrisy. We went through the religious and not so religious easter "Social Media Round-Up" INCLUDING the sing-along church service on a commercial flight that NO ONE asked for. Including #JESUSCHRIST himself.

#RandyHillier's #NoMoreLockdowns Twitter account spent the weekend shitposting Ukrainians as they die in Putin's war.

Tell me again why Randy's Christo-Fascist ass shouldn't be taken behind the woodshed? Dean will take care of that today.

Tucker Carlson's "The End Of Men" Special looks more like an ad for Grindr than a trailer for a TV show. We discuss why Tucker needs a dozen shirtless men chopping wood and sunning their balls in a special about evolution.

Marshawn Lynch VS a Zamboni