YWC Football Talk

YWC Football Talk
  Aug 20, 2021  


(recording dates, August 14th and 17th)

On today’s episode…

It’s election time!!!

And for political junkies, this is that for which we live.

We have for you a pre-election Coast to Coast to Coast COVID Round Up, a discussion on how the table had been prepared for this election call (including a Hello/Goodbye to those who cleared the decks or joined teams in preparation), and a discussion about the state of the major parties prior to the call that also touches upon a few things that took place in the opening days.

This will be our final “regular format” show for the next while as we hope to bring you more frequent, but potentially shorter episodes we’ll call “Beaver Bites” to bring you Election 44 coverage with fewer delays.

Also, because we believe that “Democracy Is Something You Do”, we invite our Kits to write in to the show to let us know what your election plan is to plan your vote, and what you’ll do to get more than just yourself to the polls.

You can do that via our show’s Facebook blog page or via Twitter @TrueEager.

Until then, be kind to, and gentle with, yourselves,

Your Eager Beaver

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