The Dean Blundell Show

The Dean Blundell Show
Episode: 686
  Apr 25, 2022   7261

Elon Musk Bought Twitter, The Rolling Thunder Convoy, Samurai Sword Flexing & PETA Has Entered The NBA Chat

We leave for two days and EVERYTHING HAPPENS!!!

#ELONMUSK finally bullied his way into owning Twitter. Twitter's board announced that they will begin negotiations with him immediately after initially rebuffing his offer. the actual number is 46.5 billion (54% over market value) and shareholders would NEVER say no to that, so here we go!

- Does privatization mean regulation?

- Will Musk weaponize it?

- Will he fire Russian bots into the sun?

#PierrePoilievre is pretending to be the "Candidate For Prime Minister of Canada" and he went full Mein Kampf over the weekend at a rally in a tent full of white, religious zealots. We break down Pierre's Alt-Right feeding frenzy and talk about his incredibly tight asshole with @paulysworld in Ottawa. Host of the Eager Beaver Pod. He fucking HATES Pierre so he's PERFECT!

Paul is pulling double duty today as #Ottawa #Police brace for the #RollingThunderConvoy (#FluTruxKlan with fewer wheels).

The same group of racists rednecks is planning to cause a scene in downtown #Ottawa this weekend. The lies and cash grab started this week with a fake #OttawaPolice report 'Banning' motorcycles from coming to the nation's Capital. We'll tell you who's behind this and why.

Samurai sword flexing, #RogerStone is coming to Canadian politics, and the wacky bastards from #PETA are gluing themselves to things because, chicken.