The PP1 Podcast

The PP1 Podcast
Episode: 30
  Mar 19, 2021   4269

Ep 82 – Luongo’s Poo, Might Ducks, and Questionable Cameo Requests feat. Wyatt Arndt

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This week Wyatt Arndt of The Armies, Trust The Process, and your local Twitter feed joins us and we get right into it. Hard hitting conversations on the Mighty Ducks reboot, Cobra Kai, and how his Twitter namesake came to be. Great story there.

We ask Wyatt about how the Canucks can fix some of their contracts via the NFT route and where JT Miller's anger comes from.

There's some classic NHL 21 chat, Dudes and Guys, and we go over who we'd love to get a Cameo from.

Listen, tell your friends, and vote on the Floorboards of Glory bracket challenge that Wyatt is running.

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