The PP1 Podcast

The PP1 Podcast
Episode: 2
  Aug 12, 2021   4222

Episode 102 – Mowing the lawn, straight talk Petey, and the return of PP1 feat. Paul Debron

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Proudly presented on the Dean Blundell Network and partnered with Summerskates, we bring the fire this week.

We have Paul Debron formerly of 1040 on to chat Lawn Mowing Simulator and his stache takes the cake and if you need a minivan, he's got a deal for you.

Pettersson is interviewed and we discuss what it all means, apparently a lot? There's a ton of Juolevi chat as well and the return of the top powerplay unit.

Definitely a bunch of other things are heating up but you'll need to tune in to hear the rest.

SO go listen.