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Ball Hawks Podcast
Episode: 11
  May 11, 2021   5425

Episode 11- Run DK Run and #RunChrisRun

We are back on the mic's Sunday and want to wish all the moms out there a very happy Mother's Day, especially our own mom's and our wives, who are the rocks of our family's!

We start the episode by talking about our #RunChrisRun event that spiraled well out of control into something that was a lot of fun. Chris is sore and tired but it was all worth it because we were donating to BC Children's Hospital Foundation! If you can, please click on the link to make any contribution possible! So many lives are impacted by this hospital!

We then transition to the news about DK Metcalf (13:29) running a blazing fast 100 meter dash against Olympic level sprinters. At 6'4" and 230 lbs, it's easy to tell which lane DK is running out of and he held his own for most of the race. 

The guys talk about a few things from around the NFL (27:40) that happened this week. A slow week in NFL news but topics were, Frank Ragnow's record setting center extension, Eagles claiming Kerryon Johnson and Brandon Beane's recent comments that sparked debate about whether guys should be cut due to their vaccination status. **Disclaimer, we reveal why we did not touch on the Aaron Rodgers news- this is coming with a guest next week**

Talks then shift to a couple of jersey nerds talking rookie jersey numbers (48:25). Does your team have their rookie numbers decided yet? Is there a rookie jersey you want to buy? Let us know on our social media pages!

Third Down (60:36) was once again a fun battle. Find out what the topic battle was this week and why Steve gave a bit of a lecture to Chris at the end for missing some big topics. Let us know if your favorite was missed by Chris also!

We got a few more questions for our #AskTheBallHawks Mailbag (77:43) segment. Thanks to Ryan Hank, Petr Klima's Helmet and Juan Thousand Yards for submitting their questions! Everything from embarrassing football moments, to fantasy football rookie draft advice, to schedule hopes. 

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