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Ball Hawks Podcast
Episode: 13
  May 25, 2021   6927

Episode 13 – Julio Jones Drama & Tebowmania!

Lucky number 13 episode and we're bringing some big news! We are PROUDLY part of the Dean Blundell Network on !!! We are so excited to get this opportunity so early on in our podcasting journey. A special thanks to our buddy Ryan Hank (@always90four on Twitter) for vouching for us to get an interview with Dean. Big thanks to Dean and the rest of the team at the network for believing in our podcast and what we bring to the network! Find us over there shortly, where you can find our podcast episodes and blog pages! Let's go to work!

Football talks kick off (20:57) about our desperado friend, Tony Khan's Jacksonville Jaguars. Making the news for seemingly all the wrong reasons. Find out what happened to the Jags war room on draft night. We also jump into some TebowMania (28:29) news. Is this all a publicity stunt by the Jags? Does Tebow have a shot? Find out what Steve's hot take was on this topic!!

The news that has every NFL fan captured - the Julio Jones drama (47:16). Why are the Falcons considering a trade? Which teams are the most interested? What would it cost to acquire him? And is it worth the cost of acquisition? Find out the Ball Hawks' opinions on if/where Julio should go!

ARE YOU READYYYYYYY!!! Apologies in advance for Chris' wrestling line that he screamed out to get you hyped for Third Down (70:00). I promise it is worth the bleeding ears! This week the guys deviate from strictly football themes and go more sports across the board theme. We are so much more than strictly a football podcast!

We end the episode with a dive into the #AskTheBallHawks Mailbag (104:14). Thanks for the questions Ryan Hank and Mr. Teller (Trademark) for the questions. Find these guys on Twitter @always90four (Ryan) and @Marquise_35KD (Mr. Teller)! Find out which question got Chris fired up.

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Enjoy the episode- peace!