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Ball Hawks Podcast
Episode: 14
  Jun 01, 2021   4936

Episode 14- WAY Too Early Record Predictions

We were LIVE for the first time on YouTube. We want to thank everyone who tuned in to listen to this episode live, interact with us and especially to Braden from the ATT (Alien Theorists Theorizing podcast - exclusively on Spotify) for doing all the behind the scenes work as our producer, if anyone is in need of someone to help produce their live shows let us know and we can put you in touch! You can find the episode on our YouTube channel here -

We kicked off talks with story/non-story: Aaron Rodgers is in Hawaii while OTAs are underway (3:50). Is it a big deal? Does this open a door for Jordan Love to make ground on the starting job?

We then moved to the news that is at the forefront of NFL talks. Did Julio Jones know he was on national television when Shannon Sharpe called him and put him on speaker phone (8:40)? Where will Julio get traded to? What is his value? Will he be a Raven? Seahawk? Titan? Patriot? 49er?

The main attraction of the episode features Steve and Chris going through their WAY too early W-L predictions for each of their teams (Ravens predictions 18:25 and Seahawks predictions 30:55) . Did either guy have their team going undefeated? Let's just say the live YouTube chat was giving the guys a hard time for being homers!

This conversation naturally shifts from predictions to which NFL coach will be the first to get fired (45:24). Will your team's coach make the list?

Everyone's favorite segment, the Third Down (53:04) features the worst hair in sports/pop culture. There is a very special matchup that you'll have to tune in to, in order to find out!

Talks wrap up with the Mailbag (66:45). Thanks to Marquise from the Cover 4 podcast, Ryan from The PP1 Podcast, Calvin Wood, and our good friend Liam Hagerty for submitting their questions. Be sure to submit your questions and we will answer it on the pod!

This episode brought to you by the Dean Blundell Network. You can find the show over at later this week and keep an eye for future blogs coming from Chris and Steve. Intro song as always - Mirror Man by Lucky Monkey

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