Ball Hawks Podcast

Ball Hawks Podcast
Episode: 15
  Jun 08, 2021   5044

Episode 15- Are the Titans Super Bowl contenders?

Julio Jones is going to be a Tennessee Titan! The guys are back in the studio to discuss whether this makes the Titans a legitimate Super Bowl contender this year, or are they, pretenders? You will hear everything from whether athletes should be forced into mandatory media obligations, to what type of ice cream reigns supreme! We cover it all!

We started this episode by talking about whether or not athletes should have to do mandatory press conferences and media obligations (6:42). Last week tennis star, Naomi Osaka pulled out of the French Open to protect, and work on her mental health, instead of doing her media obligations. The guys discuss whether athletes should have to or not.

Talks shift to the conclusion of the Julio Jones saga (16:44). Does this make them an instant contender? Are they still missing pieces to get them there? Find out the Ball Hawks analysis and why Steve wants to take a Twitter hiatus whenever his team is in the running for a player.

The guys then discuss some too early NFL MVP odds (31:02). Who would they take? Who is their favorite non QB favorite to take the crown. Lots of discussions about what has happened historically.

Everybody's favorite podcast segment is back again! The Third Down (47:01) features a summer favorite treat... I scream, you scream, we all scream for ICE CREAM! Chris throws out the first non-football-themed Third Down and it does not disappoint! What ice cream will take the MVP for Steve?

We then dug into the Mailbag (68:08) for your questions! We appreciate your questions and hope to get more and more in the future. Thanks to Ted Wong and Liam Hagerty for their questions this week!

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