The Gridiron Goons

The Gridiron Goons
Episode: 19
  Jan 14, 2021   4599

Episode 19 – Brovid-19

Week number one The Super Wild Card Weekend on the road to Superbowl 55 is done!

First thing first! We kick things off giving a more in depth explanation on the gofundme page the boys have started up for small businesses. Lets all try and do our part and any little bit helps. 

The boys are fired up! Lovat got a huge dub out of his boys! And up for a huge matchup in the divisional finals against the Ravens. We are talking questionable play clock plays, the Steelers are an embarassment after last weeks game, and we look into round 2, where the winner will decide our AFC/NFL Conference matchups! 

We got a wild one here guys and they are only getting better as we creep to the holy grail of football!!!

Stay Safe Guys!