The PP1 Podcast

The PP1 Podcast
  Mar 26, 2020   4923

Episode 28 – Vacuuming with Special Guest: Jeff Paterson

We're still doing the social distancing thing and churning out yet another barn-burning episode of The PP1 Podcast! You might be wondering why we've been getting epic guests lately but when JPat wants to talk, you oblige.

This week Jeff Paterson of the VanCast and TSN 1040 drops by to chat Canucks, utter boredom, vacuuming, and a hearty nod to Jason Botchford with Jeff's involvement in The Botchford Project and what it's been like this past season without Botch.

We didn't get into Dudes and Guys this week so if you're craving our picks, you'll have to wait until next week, sorry. 

The guys chat about the best hockey movie, what we've all been up to and Jeff pretty much gifts us a jam-packed interview.

You won't want to miss this one.

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