The PP1 Podcast

The PP1 Podcast
  Apr 07, 2020   5384

Episode 29 – We Interrupt Your Scheduled Programming

Where to begin?

The isolation has kept the guys from meeting in person but they couldn't be held down. Ted, Ryan, and Brady are back for a bender of an episode, number 29.

Somehow, there's still Canucks stuff to discuss and debate. This show can be summed up in two parts: Team Construction via Vanessa Jang's Canuck twitter post and... The Debate. 

Plain and simple and you have to listen to this. Ted and Brady go toe-to-toe arguing whether the 2011 Cup run team was built around Roberto Luongo or the Sedins. It was good listening. Ryan didn't even get much of a word in and that's saying something.

We managed to fit Dudes and Guys in which is now brought to you by Players Choice Sports Cards and Collectibles

There's a big announcement regarding that partnership towards the end of the show.

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