The PP1 Podcast

The PP1 Podcast
Episode: 44
  Jul 01, 2020   3978

Episode 44 – Doughnut Wars, Play Ins, and Lunch With Faber

Canada Day is Wednesday so the boys got in the virtual studio and hammered out the latest episode of PP1.

Right off the hop the hot takes were laid down. What is the best local ice cream flavour and what doughnut reigns supreme? Ted was clearly wrong but Ryan gave him a chance.

Brady discusses the play in round, the number one pick via the mystery team in the lottery and Ryan brings up what he'd do with the top pick.

Players Choice presents Dudes and Guys and Ted doesn't disappoint pitting Henrik Sedin against Pavel Bure. 

The tenacious trio also gets into a bit of Loui Eriksson talk and who the NHL's purest goal scorer of all time is. There is actually a pretty solid list at the top.

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