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The PP1 Podcast
Episode: 48
  Jul 31, 2020   4268

Episode 48 – Sledge Hockey, Stitches, and Someone Said Hockey’s Back?

Can you believe we got to chat about an actual hockey game this week? Apparently, hockey is a thing again? Ted and Ryan hold down the fort this week while Brady recovers from an epic day in the sun minus water intake (hydrate Brady, c'mon!).

The Canucks played the Jets in an exhibition game and there was much to discuss.

Juolevi, Virtanen, Ferland, and the issues with each player. 

We discuss how awards are given out and why Jacob Markstrom ISN'T a Vezina caliber goalie yet, not even close. The same goes for Petey and the MVP discussion. These things take time.

Our Dudes and Guys segment, brought to you by Players Choice Sportscards, is back with actual players to grade, what a change!

Ted gets into the discussion on why Tyler Toffoli is just a high-end rental and why people need to make peace with that. Ryan agrees and puts his take on it. It involves Brock Boeser.

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