The PP1 Podcast

The PP1 Podcast
Episode: 49
  Aug 06, 2020   3072

Episode 49 – Secret AdMyers

Brady and Ryan tackled this week's episode with Ted. Even though they released a postgame the night before there was plenty to chat about. 

We dove into the Micheal Ferland situation and really what that ultimately means for his career, there was chatter about Jake Virtanen and Zack MacEwen in this series and SOMEHOW, we forgot to talk about Quinn Hughes the other night.

We talk about Quinn Hughes.

Dudes and Guys (brought to you by Players Choice Sportscards) was fun and Ryan drops his guy of the week "but not for reasons you'd think".

We get into Tyler Myers and his impact and both Brady and Ryan get distracted by the Oilers/Blackhawks game on the TV. It was a real winner of a show.

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