The PP1 Podcast

The PP1 Podcast
Episode: 51
  Aug 19, 2020   3995

Episode 51 – Bure From The Future feat. Satiar Shah

Satiar Shah dropped by the PP1 Podcast this week and dropped some serious insight on the boys. From the coolest vending machines at Sportsnet 650 to his support of CanCon superstar Nickelback; we covered it all.

When we got to chatting Canucks, Sat chatted about what Tyler Myers really means to the Canucks and why the other five defensemen will struggled to fill his shoes.

The power play is discussed in detail as well (shocker!).

Dudes and Guys is back which is always presented by Players Choice Sportscards.

So good to be back but we prefer the post game pods, a little more excitement!

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