The PP1 Podcast

The PP1 Podcast
Episode: 13
  Dec 10, 2020   4020

Episode 68 – CHEL in the Family or Why Ted Hates The Rest of Canada

The boys are back in an intimate and interactive show. It's all-Canada for the NHL this season and the Canucks are going to see heavy doses of the other six Canadian NHL teams.

Ted updates us on his big Owners Box win in fantasy. BTW, Owners Box, presenting sponsor of the PP1 Podcast.

Everyone gives their player to watch for the Canucks this season and we mention Jake Virtanen running in Kelowna!

Hoglander is on his way to Vancouver soon and his lacrosse stylings are too!

Ryan poses the question: What players will lead the Canucks this season and for how many weeks? An in depth study we'll wanna look back at.

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