The PP1 Podcast

The PP1 Podcast
Episode: 28
  Feb 27, 2021   3807

Episode 79 – Crazy Hair, Eggplant Emojis, and Bobby Lu Anthems feat. Aaron Pritchett

What a week! The Canucks crapped the bed but we didn't. As always our show is presented on the Dean Blundell Network. 

We were quite fortunate to have country music star Aaron Pritchett on the show and that guy did not disappoint. He knows hockey, probably better than most people you know.

We got into his love of the team, distaste for the reverse retro jerseys and his promise to help turn the Canucks around.

The MicroLab headphones were given away so listen in to find the winner and we also set up things to give away another pair of SummerSkates slides.

Aaron got down and dirty with us for Dudes and Guys presented by Players Choice Sportscards and he brought the heat!

He gave us the low down on what he was doing during COVID and when to expect new music. 

A must listen, what a fun time!