The PP1 Podcast

The PP1 Podcast
Episode: 29
  Mar 06, 2021   3947

Episode 80 (not 70) – Milk Cartons, Benning’s Big Day, and Jake feat. Joey Pitt of The Larschcast

As always brought to you by the Dean Blundell Network. 

The Canucks had a week and then some. Jake scored two goals, Benning ruined our lives, and I talked about Milk cartons (what?). We dove into the toxic situation the Canucks are in and if there is even a way out. 

Joey dropped by from The Larschcast and gave us some great old Canucks references we won't soon forget.

Dudes and Guys by Players Choice was to the point this week and no one really yelled. Joey was cut off by Ryan because he tried to break the rules. Ryan likes rules apparently. 

We're still giving away another set of MicroLab headphones as well as a bunch of Summerskate sandals.

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