The PP1 Podcast

The PP1 Podcast
Episode: 29
  Mar 12, 2021   3859

Episode 81 – Pointer Sisters, A Rocky Relationship, and The Benning Effect feat. B-Mack

Everyone is back for a solid episode this week.

Brought to you by the Dean Blundell Network, Summerskates, Spinners Sound Centre, and of course Players Choice Sports.

B-Mack from Virgin Kelowna joined the guys to talk all sorts of stuff from the Canucks goal song, to used solar panels, the glimmer of hope the three wins last week gave the fans and how likely it is that B-Mack can pull the strings to get one of the guys 100k from the radio station.

Sure, Dudes and Guys was a lot of fun and we even chatted about how any move that happens here on out will be detrimental if doesn't promote the youth.

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