The PP1 Podcast

The PP1 Podcast
Episode: 31
  Apr 02, 2021   4598

Episode 84: Tarps Off, Cropping Crotches, and Taking Flights w/ Derek Jory

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We welcome Derek Jory of and all their socials to the show. We get into Derek's rise to stardom, how he dreamed of writing for the Canucks at a young age, interviewing Wayne Gretzky, and how his son got to be Mini-Fin after a Canucks win.

Derek also gets into his uneasiness on flights and how Henrik Sedin helped him out and interviewing his childhood hero at the Hockey Hall of Fame. 

This was a spectacular show with a lot of laughs and a real inside look at how the Canucks operate behind the scenes.

DON'T WORRY though, we chat with just the PP1 boys and talk about the Thanos snap, some rapid-fire questions, and as you'll hear at the beginning... Ted farts.

It a great show.