The PP1 Podcast

The PP1 Podcast
Episode: 34
  Apr 15, 2021   4223

Episode 86 – Royal Rumble Clocks, Understanding Jim Benning, and LIT (Yes that LIT)

Brought to you by the Dean Blundell Network, Summerskates, and Players Choice Sports.

Everyone is here this week but Brady counts down his time for the week with a Royal Rumble-themed clock. We give you the deets on the Summerskates Promo, the headphones promo, and what the guys are up to this week.

Lots of stuff to dig into including whatever the heck Jim Benning is doing, the lies he's throwing out regarding the trade deadline and what is the NHL thinking of allowing the Canucks to play out their season with ZERO rest.

This week's show had a lot of depth and oh yeah, we tease our super-secret episode.

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