The PP1 Podcast

The PP1 Podcast
Episode: 37
  Jun 03, 2021   3931

Episode 93 – Losing Lotteries, Laughable Leafs, Brazzers, and Geeta from Pucks On Net

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We had an all over the place show this week: Brady had wifi issues and was available for the pre-show but missed the main show. Ted and Ryan held down the fort and had Geeta Reddy from Pucks on Net join them.

There was a continued discussion about the cake debacle on the PON 300th episode, the partnership with Brazzers, and Ryan Schaap's stranglehold on the PON crew. Is he a tyrant or a nice human? Are the PON crew planning a mutiny or is all well in Vancouver?

We discuss the draft lottery and the Canucks fate, there is some Podkolzin discussion and apparently, the Leafs lost in the playoffs again.

A ton of fun to say the least.

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