The Dean Blundell Show

The Dean Blundell Show
  Jan 20, 2023   6109

Farting Broadcasters, Ezra Levant & The Pfizer CEO, The Husband Calling Contest

Hello Thursday, you beautiful bastard!

Where are we at with farting in professional sports broadcasts? Last night someone in the Canucks broadcast booth gave canuck fans something to talk about after ONE of the fellas in the booth ripped a greasy fart. A) this sis the most we've talked about the Canucks in years, and B) we chase down some notable broadcasted farts from the past year, and Canada is the market leader in farting sportscasters.

Dean was triggered by a couple of things this week. Ezra Levant and their "husband calling contest" out of Iowa. We have video evidence that should come with trigger warnings but fuck it; you need to be aware of the state of Dean's mind.