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  Jan 19, 2023   00:58:43

Feed Drop: Takin’ A Walk

Buzz Knight should be a familiar name to anyone who's followed us for a while. He's been on the podcast twice before, and we've talked at length about his show, Takin' A Walk: Music History On Foot. This week, we're doing a full-on feed swap!

If you're somehow unaware of Buzz and the concept behind Takin' A Walk, it's a show designed around the simple pleasure of a refreshing walk and a good conversation. Buzz speaks to music legends from different genres, hoping to catch them in their element by taking them for a walk around areas that mean something special to them. And he definitely succeeds! He's found that people tend to tell some really interesting stories (and have an easier time getting comfortable) when they're out getting fresh air in places they've made memories.

Buzz is also a great example of something more podcasters should take advantage of: niche-ing down. We've talked about this concept on our episodes with Buzz and Evo Terra, but in summary, to "niche down" your show means to focus exclusively on a particular type of content. Sounds simple, right? And yet so many podcasts seem to be about everything. One episode they'll talk about their personal lives, the next episode they'll interview an athlete, then they'll talk politics, et cetera, et cetera, ad infinitum. If you've got a great personality, or an established fanbase, that can work fine. But let's be honest- most of us don't. By focusing on a particular niche, like music history in Buzz's case, and trimming the rest of the fat, you open the door to becoming the go-to show for anyone interested in that niche. It's worked quite well for Buzz, if you couldn't tell by looking at his guest list: Brian Johnson of AC/DC, Paula Abdul, and many more.

If you want more music history goodness, check out Takin' A Walk wherever you get your podcasts, or head straight to the source at

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