Blue Hotel

Blue Hotel
Episode: 10
  Dec 09, 2022   01:20:06

Fet Life with Niki Davis Fainbloom

There's no knowledge like self knowledge, and this time, we're finding out how to get to the heart of you. Well maybe you, if you're thinking about things like fetishes, open relationships, polyamory, dirty talk, and the sorts of toys they didn't offer at Toys R Us. polyamory. All of these topics are on the table, with a fun and enlightening conversation with Jeff's special guest, Niki Davis Fainbloom. Niki Davis-Fainbloom (MA) is recognized as one of NYC’s most adept sexuality and relationship experts. Niki has been featured in numerous publications, facilitated education workshops worldwide, and is an innovative sex and relationship coach. 50 minutes with Niki Davis chatting with Jeff Woods, who then brings you an encore presentation of the adult bedtime story, “Dirty Loyal Sluts”. 

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