Podcast Super Friends

Podcast Super Friends
Episode: 1
  May 27, 2022   3893

Five out of 5 Producers Agree: Do Not Use A Blue Yeti

Welcome to the first episode of the Podcast Super Friends, hosted by Matt Cundill, Johnny Peterson, Jon Gay, Catherine O'Brien and David Yas. We're a collective of podcast industry veterans from across North America who love to talk about everything to do with podcasts. Since it's our debut episode, we thought we'd keep it simple. This week's conversation centers around how to start a podcast, what you need to get going, and how to build a successful brand.

We also talk about the production side of things: Why you need an editor, what makes a good editor vs. a bad one, and the importance of sound quality in terms of audience retention. There's plenty of wisdom to absorb, and decades of experience between us. If you're thinking of jumping into the industry with your own show, this is a great place to start.

This episode was recorded live. You can view the original recording here.

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