The Dean Blundell Show

The Dean Blundell Show
Episode: 620
  Jan 28, 2022   7291

#FluTrucksKlan/Freedom Rally Exposed With Canadian Observer Journalist Max Fawcett & Boots On The Ground In Ottawa With Caryma Sa’d

Tune in to listen to real Canadians discuss the facts and go beyond the clickbait. We have boots on the ground in Ottawa and across the country and we are following actual news sources and talking facts not fiction

We expose the #KarenKonvoy/ #FluTrucksKlan/ Freedom Rally with Canadian journalist for the national observer Max Fawcett who joins us to talk about who's really running this convoy. Caryma is our boots on the ground in #Ottawa and joins us love to cover the cross-section of white supremacy, live from the crowds!